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What size checks do you write?

We typically invest $100-250K into early stage companies, take 2-5% equity

How long does it take to make your investment decision?

We try to move as fast as we can and be transparent throughout the process. From the first meeting to decision, we typically take 2-4 weeks.

I want to apply for for US program, do I still need to chat with you?

We encourage any company interested in our US program to apply directly to our application (https://500.co/seed-program/). If you are a Korean company and selected for interviews for the US program, our Korean team will be interviewing you as well. We’re here to help more Korean companies get accepted into the program, not act as a gate keeper.

What sectors do you invest in?

We invest in various sectors within the online space that is not capital intensive to launch and prove out market fit. We add most value into companies with customer acquisition channels that are mostly online. Because of this, e-commerce, beauty/fashion, contents, esports, healthcare, SaaS, are common sectors of investments for us.

What's the best way to get in touch with you?

Email us via kimchi@500startups.com or click CONTACT on the menu bar.

What's the difference between Accelerator and Seed Program?

Seed Program is the new name of our former Accelerator program, as of June ’11. We made the name change to reflect on the evolution of our program. You can read more about the change here: https://500.co/the-artist-formerly-known-as-accelerator/

What's the difference between Seed and Series A Program?

Seed Program is a 4 month long in-residence program in our Mountain View and San Francisco office. Companies who are accepted into the program receive $150K investment for 6% equity. Seed Program also charges $37.5K tuition and residence fee for the program.

Series A Program is meant for companies gearing up for their Series A round ($2-5M). The program delivers hands on growth marketing coaching and investment for post-seed and pre-Series A companies and runs in multiple locations globally. For SAP Seoul, we invest 200-400M KRW ($150-350K) into each company for 2-8% equity and charge 50M KRW ($45K) program fee for the 3 month long program.

What's the relationship between 500 Startups and 500 Startups Korea (500 Kimchi)?

We’re the same company. 500 Startups Korea is the name of the legal entity of Korean operations while 500 Kimchi is the legal name of the fund which we use to make investments into Korean startups.

What is 500 Kimchi?

500 Kimchi is the legal name of the $10M+ fund which 500 Startups launched in May 2015 to start focusing on making more active investments in Korea. We like to add some fun to naming our funds. Southeast Asia focused fund is 500 Durians, named after the popular regional fruit, while Thailand fund is 500 TukTuks, named after the regional taxis.

Where can I get the best resources to learn about startups?

There’s a lot of great free resources available online to learn about startups and businesses. For Korean readers, 500 Startups Korea launched The Bridge which translates some of the most helpful and actionable blog posts written in English into Korean.

I want to receive early stage funding, where can I get the necessary deal documents?

Whether or not you select us to be your partner for the seed stage, we recommend founders (or investors) of early stage Korean startups to download and use the free START Docs to raise your round. START Docs are made in conjunction with 500 Startups Korea and startup law specialists, SEUM, to make a modernized version of a Korean startup investment document that’s fair for founders and investors.

How do I become part of 500 Startups community?

If you receive investment from 500 Startups, you’ll become part of our global community and be provided with access to our online community where you can help and provide help to each other.



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