Meet some of our startups.

500 Startups is the world’s most active seed stage investor

Since 2010, we’ve invested in over 2,210+ early stage companies in 70 different countries.

500 Startups is a family of 4,000+ founders.

We typically invest $100-250K into early stage companies.

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We’re 500 Startups Korea. We’re bringing Silicon Valley here.

Let’s show the world how great Korean startups are.

500 Startups Korea started in 2015 to invest in and support the growth of promising Korean startups and its ecosystem. Through our fund, 500 Kimchi, we actively invest $100-250K in 15-20 new startups a year. We invest in both global and regional focused startups.

We believe Seoul can become the global technology hub of Asia, and are working hard – like the talented entrepreneurs we invest in – to help make that happen. We look forward to working with you.

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Come build something amazing. We’re banking on it.

Whether you’re just starting out or wanting to grow faster, we have the resources you’re looking for.

We typically invest $100-250K per investment into 15-20 new companies a year in Korea. We typically make our investment decisions within 2 weeks. We invest in founders who would rather fail than aim for something small.

If you’ve already launched and have a handful of customers or users who enjoy using your product, you’re probably at the right stage for us to help to implement great strong fundamentals to prepare you for growth.

You’ll get all the perks of being in 500 too – like access to our vast network of global and domestic mentors, investors, partners, and founders.

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For a bit later stage companies with established early user bases who have already raised $500K-$1.5M and looking to ramp up to raise their first true Series A rounds, this hands-on 3-month program was built for your startup.

You’ll get all the perks of being in 500 too – like access to our vast network of investors, partners and founders.

Batch 1 just ended! Read about the Investor Day here. Batch 2 is expected to start in Spring 2018! Apply now!

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Execution is everything. With our 4-month seed program you’ll get access to awesome mentorship, hands-on sessions with startup experts, and a great office space where you’ll work with other smart, talented founders from around the world. We invest $150k in exchange for 6%. We charge a $37.5k fee for participation in the 500 Seed Program.

We run our seed program in Mountain View, San Francisco and Mexico City. Think you’re ready?

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Think you’re crazy? We are too.

We invest in all kinds of companies, but here are a few of the themes we care about in Korea:

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Need some help now?

Here are some of our favorite resources that we’ve created for Korean startups.

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