n-house accelerating program for 500 portfolio companies.

Neil Choi
SPOON, Batch 1

After experiencing the 50% increase in revenue throughout the program, our team has become more confident than ever before. This positive change throughout the team is worth every penny of the program fee.

Jaeseong Lee
Comento, Batch 2

Comento has transformed into a new company upon the completion of the Series A Program. Our monthly application rate has increased from around 10% to over 50% in just two months. This result has not only inspired us with new ideas for product optimization but most importantly with our new goals and directions.



Starting a company is solitary and challenging.

Working with other people going through the same challenges makes a huge difference.

Founders who’ve gone through our program tell us that the 500 community is extremely valuable.


You’ll get access to a network of 1000+ founders, 200+ mentors, and our staff, who will give you guidance when you need it the most.

We’ve built startups before. We’ll make sure you don’t make the same mistakes we did.


500 brings in a wide variety of experts focused on marketing, culture, startup accounting, product design, mobile, user testing, sales, and more.

It’s like a Startup MBA on steroids.

  Hands-On Support

Startups live (some too literally) in our office for four months.

We’ll work together on your business and product strategy, growth and metrics, and investor pitches.


Thanks to our massive network, startups build relationships and partnerships that wouldn’t be possible at their size without 500.

Need an intro to a customer? Early access to a new platform feature? API access blocked? Stuck at the border? We have connections.


Being a 500 Startups company will validate your business, and our network will help you connect with investors when the time is right.

Our Demo Day is also a great opportunity to meet and pitch people who might give you $$$.


Part 1
(Week 1~4)
Analytics & Advertising Audits

Most marketers know the importance of data tracking but they are not very skilled at optimizing the tracking tools. We will teach you how to properly set them up, including Google Tag Manager (GTM), and most importantly use it.

Part 2
(Week 2~8)
Marketing & Product Optimization & Experiments

First, define your KPI goals with the mentors. Then, get hands-on with marketing and product-related experiments by conducting user research, identifying USPs, improving conversion, optimization and filling out experiments backlog. Your mentors will teach you how to run various growth experiments.

Part 3
(Week 8~10)
Iteration & Investor Day

Follow up with mentors by receiving feedbacks about ongoing marketing and product-related experiments. Also, get inspirations for future experiments as well.


Shinyoung Park

Lead Mentor / Shinyoung is an entrepreneur, an advisor, reached over 100MM users through mobile games, social/education apps with $250MM in revenue. She won Facebook Fund in 2009 and selected one of the most influential women in tech by Fast Company in 2010. Currently, she is a Cheif Product Officer at Positive Intelligence, Inc, developing executive coaching apps and content.

Emilian Vasi

Digital Marketing Mentor / Growth Hacker in Residence at 500 Startups.Cross-channels, cross-devices, cross-markets. Finding that perfect mix. Sparking ideas, leading teams, organising events, implementing and managing digital campaigns with millions of dollars in allocated budgets, driving digital advertising initiatives from scratch to profit – some of the things I crossed off my “checklist” over the years.

Derek Ooi

Digital Analytics & Marketing Tech Mentor / Derek has been mentoring for 500 Startups SAP programmes for the past 2 years, with 5 years of experience in data analytics under his belt. He is also the Head of Analytics at Rascal’s Depot, a digital marketing consultancy focussing on performance and data-driven marketing. Derek has managed the analytics for more than 40 websites and backend platforms with an annual revenue of more than $13 million. Stressing the importance of Data Driven marketing, he excels in helping businesses to identify essential areas for data collection. This data helps businesses leverage on their existing assets on website or mobile app to supercharge their marketing efforts. When he catches a break, Derek enjoys photography while travelling the world.

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