Ever since I came to the “other side of the table” and started our Korea fund, I’ve been massively obsessed with how to best make my product. As a VC, we are no longer designing and developing a tangible product – instead we are trying to create a conducive environment to help our companies succeed so that […]
  • The Artist Formerly Known As Accelerator

    When Christine and I started 500 Startups six years ago, we knew we wanted to run an investment program for startups that emphasized community and education. We had long been inspired by other earlier programs such as YCombinator, TechStars, and SeedCamp. However, we had a new approach and perspective, and wanted to create our own […]
  • #500FAMILY

    Recently, a 500 colleague posted this on social media: “Diversity and equality is NOT about women who succeed because they sacrifice everything else so they “have nothing else to do but work”. It’s about EVERYONE stepping up to the plate and pitching in. So we as a society don’t ever have to choose life OR […]
  • Making Changes at 500

    “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This is the advice I give to people whenever they ask for it. It’s aspirational, which means it is a lot easier said than done. As I write this post, I’m reminded even more of it. In recent months, we found out that my co-founder […]